Meet Ja’net Eastman

An American country music singer / songwriter, Ja’net Eastman released her debut album, “Lucky Enuf” in November 2020.  The album earned Eastman a Josie Award nomination for “Rising Star of the Year” category for the seventh annual Josie Music Awards held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Eastman was born and raised, for the most part, in South Dakota.  As truck drivers, her parents let a gypsy-like lifestyle during her upbringing.  Even still, she claims the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota her home and that is where she currently resides.

“Lucky Enuf” Now Available!

Listen to tracks from Ja’net’s debut album.

2023 Josie Awards Nominee

“Country Female Vocalist”

In May 2023, Ja’net Eastman was honored as a nominee for “Traditional Country Female Vocalist” along with 14 other nominees from across the country.

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